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ONE robotix specialize in providing robots solutions while thinking about what is the best way to adapt our robots to your business environment

About us

One robotix is the robotics division of ONE group, the second largest IT company in Israel. ONE is Traded on the stock market, with more than 6,000 employees, over 2,000 clients and tens of thousands of users, And a variety of software, hardware and integration services.

One robotix specializes in service robots, robots designed to work in a human environment and help people on a daily basis. We provide end-to-end robotic solutions according to your business needs.


Experts in the field of robotics. Provide consultation on how to adapt the right robotics technology for your business, therefore helping to import it into the country, adapt it to the Israeli audience and reach your business goals.


The development and design team is always driven to create and adapt applications and plugins for the robot thats fit perfectly to your brand, our ambition is to create a tailor-made solution for our customers.


The Greeto app uses the capabilities of a temi robot
in order to greet your audience and customers.

The Greeto back-office management system enables fleet management and app customization.
The management system includes real-time data updates, analytics reports and much more.
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temi Robot

ONE robotix is the official distributor of temi robot in Israel. We have a variety of products and plugins that will upgrade the experience of using temi.
temi Israel

Restaurants Robot

The culinary and hospitality world suffers from a shortage of manpower. 

The solution to the problem is PUDU Robot, a robot whose purpose is to transport food and drinks to guests in a restaurant, hotel, venues, etc.
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